Menu Planning


Want a weeks’ worth of meals picked out and delivered to with grocery lists and recipes?

Coming Soon!

2 thoughts on “Menu Planning

  1. Leslie Clark says:

    I would be in the Fitness category. I don’t want to think about the meal or try to put it together, nor do I want to measure anything out. I just want to have it prepared and I can move on from there. I am currently trying to cut out Wheat, but then I have to look everything up and I get frustrated, and give up. I would love to have someone come into my home weekly, set up my food for the week that fits in the guidelines of what I can have. I cut coupons but then never use them because I am not that organized. I work very long days, usually 6 days a week, so even squeezing in the work outs has been a challenge.

    Any help you could provide would be great.


    • personalplate says:

      Hi Leslie,

      Thanks for stopping by, I sent you an email about our services. Please let me know if we could be of further help. Thanks!

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