Slow Cooker Meals- Part 1

I am a big fan of my slow cooker. It helped me so much during the first few weeks of my recovery after labor and then it came to my rescue three short months later when I returned to work full time. If you haven’t  used the slow cooker before or do not even own one- go. now. to purchase. please. and if you haven’t used it in awhile- take the fruit out of it ( hah, yeah, that’s what mine was used for before! hehe) and get ready to make some pretty awesome meals. By the way, these aren’t your typical crockpot recipes.

As always, please click on the link for the beautiful pictures and awesome recipes!

Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore


Fire Roasted Tomato Pot Roast


Slow Cooker Bufffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

slowcooker buffalo mac and cheese

Slow Cooker Aloha Chili


Kalhua Pork



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