Here is a little about me:

Okay, I am a first time mommy and I can’t wait to make meals for her, she already eats all of her baby food so I am REALLY excited! I love to cook. I can’t go into a bookstore without buying a cookbook. Any free time I have (which is rare) is spent looking for recipes online.  I have about 150 cookbooks and I subscribe to over 50 food blogs and am a member of all the major food websites so I see a lot of recipes and food. I love to experiment and oftentimes I modify existing recipes or work off an idea I saw. And that is just what I do for fun! For references and experience, feel free to contact me.

Here is a little about my business:

I created it because I found that having a child is really hard! Especially in the first few weeks of trying to recuperate from a C-Section and nights of no sleep, the last thing I wanted to do was grocery shop and prepare a meal. I started to use my slow cooker alot and have meals already made. One day, I decided that it might be a really cool gift to give a new mommy/family and that is basically how I started Personal Plates. That’s it. Please feel free to look at my other pages or email me for more info!

Here is some other fun stuff.

Fave Dishes

1. A really good steak, medium rare,please.

2. Mole Enchiladas, my mom’s

3. Cheesecake, mine


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